Rep My Block is a non partisan website.

Rep My Block is a non-partisan effort to collect, organize and make accessible the full membership of the county committees in New York State. New York State's county committees are the basis of local government and are made up of publicly elected representatives. However, county committee membership information has traditionally been hard to access.


Sal Albanese, Badrun Khan, Ben Yee, Vittoria Fariello, and Jared Rich discuss the weaponization of the electoral process with Paperboy Love Prince in five one-hour candid chats. These videos were recorded while Paperboy Love Prince was running for congress, and discovering first-hand, the different steps involved in running for public office. The goal of these video chats is to demonstrate that there is hope, but it will require every voter to participate in the political process by going beyond just showing up to the polls to vote. Democracy depends on it!

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Access the video chats

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