Volunteer to the cause.

Rep My Block is a non-partisan effort to re-organize the political process in the United States.

Everyone skills are welcome. We need writers, story tellers, actors, lawyers, phylosophers, public relations, data analysts, statisticians, philosophers, videographers, psychiatrists, database managers, accountants, computer engineers and programmers. And politicians!

It's important that each volunteer understanding that:

  1. Everyone is welcome to donate their talent and noone will be judged for the quality of the work.
  2. Each donation will go into a virtual bucket for evaluation and triage.
  3. Each donation will be credited to the rightfull owner and the anyonymity of each volunteer will be respected.
  4. Each volunteer will never be required to accomplish a task on the project; except if a letter of recomendation is sought.

Computer Programmers

The code for Rep My Block is on GitHub at https://github.com/repmyblock. Please contact us via the GitHub system.

Psychologists, psychiatrists and philosophers

Running for office is taxing on the candidates mental health and a lot of work done by Rep My Block was to listen to the candidates. Please email us at mentalhealth@repmyblock.org. If candidate sound or act crazy, it's because the position can push them to the brink of sanity.

Artists, Writers, and Video producers

We need to explain the political system to regular folks from ages 4 to 99, and we need help to explain it to various groups. Please write to artsvolunteer@repmyblock.org if you which to volunteer.

Feeder projects

Some of the aspect of the project depend on external project such as the National Voter File to organize the canvassers. The National Voter file project need 3,600 volunteers to request, lobby for law change, for the free access of the data file. voterlist@repmyblock.org so we can connect with organizations like Progressive Coders, the local League of Woman Voters.

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