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August 6th, 2024 - Primary
Missouri's 8th congressional district
James David Snider, III
Jason T. Smith
Franklin Delano Roth, II
Randi McCallian
August 13th, 2024 - Primary
Minnesota's 1st congressional district
Brad Finstad
Minnesota's 2nd congressional district
Angela Dawn "Angie" Craig
Tayler Rahm
Joe Teirab
Minnesota's 3rd congressional district
Dean Phillips
Kelly Louise Morrison
Ron Harris
Minnesota's 4th congressional district
Betty McCollum
Mike Casey
Blaize Harty
Minnesota's 5th congressional district
Dalia Al-Aqidi
Shuaa Meki Tongrit-Green
Don Samuels
Ilhan Omar
Sarah Gad
Timothy L. "Tim" Peterson
Minnesota's 6th congressional district
Austin D. Winkelman
Thomas Earl "Tom" Emmer
Minnesota's 7th congressional district
Stephen "Steve" Boyd
Michelle Fischbach
Annette Watson
James Tomahawk
Minnesota's 8th congressional district
Jen Schultz
Peter Allen "Pete" Stauber
Minnesota U.S. Senate
Steve Carlson
Royce White
Patrick D. Munro
Joyce Lacey
John Berman
Amy J. Klobuchar
November 5th, 2024 - Arizona 2024 General
Arizona 8th Congressional District
Jacob Chansley
November 5th, 2024 - General Election
North Carolina State Assembly
Adrien Meadows
North Carolina 2nd congressional district
Michael Dublin
North Carolina Governor
Wayne Turner
November 5th, 2024 - New York 2024 General
1st District Congress
Ryan Michael Kalata
3rd District Congress
Matthew J. "Matt" Nappo
Jacob O. Soto
President of the United States
Claudia De la Cruz
Vice-President of the United States
Karina Garcia
June 26th, 2025 - 2025 New York State Primary
Public Advocate
Theo Bruce Chino Tavarez
Democratic Party County Committee Member
Theo Chino
Democratic Party District Leader 71B
Earnestine Bell Temple
Democratic Party District Leader 76A
Benjamin Akselrod

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