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June 2nd, 2024 - 2024 Mexican Presidential Election
2024 Mexican Presidential
Claudia Sheinbaum
Xóchitl Gálvez
Jorge Álvarez Máynez
June 6th, 2024 - 2024 Dutch European Election
Dutch Member of the European Parliament
June 8th, 2024 - 2024 Latvian European Election
Latvian Member of the European Parliament
June 9th, 2024 - 2024 Austria European Election
Austrian Member of the European Parliament
Andreas Schieder
June 9th, 2024 - 2024 Belgium European Election
Belgium Member of the European Parliament
Elio Di Rupo
Estelle Ceulemans
June 9th, 2024 - 2024 French European Election
French Member of the European Parliament
Nathalie Arthaud
Léon Deffontaines
Manon Aubry
Jean-Marc Governatori
Marie Toussaint
Marine Cholley
Raphaël Glucksmann
Ségolène Royal
Olivier Véran
Laurence Boone
François-Xavier Bellamy
François Asselineau
Nicolas Dupont-Aignan
Marion Maréchal
Jordan Bardella
Florian Philippot
Yves Gernigon
Willy Schraen
Philippe Folliot
Sven Franck
Caroline Zorn
Hélène Thouy
June 9th, 2024 - 2024 German European Election
German Member of the European Parliament
Patrick Breyer
June 9th, 2024 - 2024 Italian European Election
Italian Member of the European Parliament
Benedetta SCUDERI
June 9th, 2024 - 2024 Luxembourgish European Election
Luxembroughish Member of the European Parliament
Nicolas Schmit
June 25th, 2024 - Primary
4th Colorado House District
Tim Hernández
36th Colorado House District
Bryan Lindstrom
June 25th, 2024 - New York 2024 Primary
3rd District Congress
Steve Behar
Austin Franklin Cheng
Scott Livingston
William "Will" Murphy
Thomas "Tom" Suozzi
Peter Christofides
Kellen Curry
Philip Sean "Phil" Grillo
Gregory "Greg" Hach
Thomas Charles "Tom" Ludwig
Harvey Manes
Daniel Norber
Michael "Mike" Sapraicone
Jim Toes
New York 2nd Assembly District
Jodi A. Giglio
New York 3rd Assembly District
Joseph P. De Stefano
New York 4th Assembly District
Rebecca Kassay
Skyler Q. Johnson
New York 5th Assembly District
Douglas M. Smith
New York 7th Assembly District
Jarett C. Gandolfo
New York 15th Assembly District
Jake Ryan Blumencranz
William L Murphy
New York 16th Assembly District
Gina L. Sillitti
New York 18th Assembly District
Lisa Ortiz
New York 20th Assembly District
Eric G. Brown
New York 21st Assembly District
Brian F Curran
New York 23rd Assembly District
Stacey G. Pheffer Amato
Thomas Sullivan
New York 24th Assembly District
David I Weprin
New York 25th Assembly District
Steven Wang
New York 26th Assembly District
Edward C Braunstein
New York 27th Assembly District
Samuel Tzvi Berger
New York 30th Assembly District
Steven B. Raga
New York 31st Assembly District
Khaleel M. Anderson
New York 34th Assembly District
Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas
New York 35th Assembly District
Hiram Monserrate
Larinda C. Hooks
New York 36th Assembly District
Zohran Kwame Mamdani
New York 37th Assembly District
Claire Valdez
Emilia Decaudin
Johanna Carmona
Juan David Ardila
New York 38th Assembly District
Hongbao Ma
Juan Pagan
New York 39th Assembly District
Catalina Cruz
New York 40th Assembly District
Dao Yin
Philip Shaw Chuan Wang
Ron Kim
Yi Chen
New York 42nd Assembly District
Rodneyse Bichotte
New York 43rd Assembly District
Brian A. Cunningham
New York 45th Assembly District
Joey Cohen Saban
Michael Novakhov
New York 46th Assembly District
Christopher M. Mccreight
New York 49th Assembly District
Jimmy Jiang Hua Li
Lester Chang
Yu Lin
New York 50th Assembly District
Emily Gallagher
New York 51st Assembly District
Marcela Mitaynes
New York 52nd Assembly District
Jo Anne Simon
Scott Alexander Budow
New York 54th Assembly District
Erik Martin Dilan
New York 56th Assembly District
Eon Tyrell Huntley
Stefani L. Zinerman
New York 57th Assembly District
Phara Souffrant Forrest
New York 63rd Assembly District
Sam T. Pirozzolo
New York 65th Assembly District
Grace Lee
New York 66th Assembly District
Deborah J Glick
New York 67th Assembly District
Linda B. Rosenthal
New York 68th Assembly District
Tamika Mapp
New York 69th Assembly District
Barry Weinberg
Eli Clemans Northrup
Melissa Kate Rosenberg
New York 70th Assembly District
Shana Harmongoff
Joshua Clennon
Maria Ordonez
Alpheaus E Marcus
New York 71st Assembly District
Julien Segura
New York 72nd Assembly District
Manny De Los Santos
New York 73rd Assembly District
Alex Bores
Jonathan L Bing
New York 74th Assembly District
Harvey Epstein
New York 75th Assembly District
Tony Simone
New York 78th Assembly District
George Alvarez
New York 80th Assembly District
James Inniss
New York 81st Assembly District
Jeffrey Dinowitz
Lewis Kaminski
New York 82nd Assembly District
Jonathan W. Soto
Michael R Benedetto
New York 86th Assembly District
Yudelka Tapia
New York 92nd Assembly District
MaryJane C Shimsky
New York 94th Assembly District
Matthew Slater
New York 97th Assembly District
John W. McGowan
New York 98th Assembly District
Karl Brabenec
New York 99th Assembly District
Christopher W. Eachus
New York 103rd Assembly District
Patrick Sheehan
Sarahana Shrestha
New York 104th Assembly District
Shear Avory
New York 105th Assembly District
Anil Roodal Beephan
New York 106th Assembly District
Claire Elizabeth Cousin
New York 107th Assembly District
Chloe E. Pierce
Scott H. Bendett
New York 110th Assembly District
Jeffrey Madden
New York 111th Assembly District
Angelo L. Santabarbara
New York 112th Assembly District
Mary Beth Walsh
New York 113th Assembly District
Carrie Woerner
New York 115th Assembly District
D. Billy Jones
New York 117th Assembly District
Lonny Koons
New York 118th Assembly District
Robert J. Smullen
New York 119th Assembly District
James Meyers
New York 122nd Assembly District
Brian D. Miller
New York 123rd Assembly District
Lisa OKeefe
New York 126th Assembly District
Ian Jacob Phillips
John Lemondes, Jr.
New York 127th Assembly District
Colton Mennig
Michael J. Becallo
Prerna Deer
New York 130th Assembly District
James Schuler
New York 131st Assembly District
Ammitai Worob
Jeff Gallahan
New York 134th Assembly District
Joshua T. Jensen
New York 137th Assembly District
Demond Meeks
New York 142nd Assembly District
Patrick B. Burke
New York 144th Assembly District
Michael J. Norris
New York 147th Assembly District
Mitchell A. Martin
New York 150th Assembly District
Michael K Bobseine
New York 3rd Senate District
Dean Murray
New York 4th Senate District
Monica R. Martinez
New York 5th Senate District
Steven D. Rhoads
New York 6th Senate District
Taylor Darling
Siela A Bynoe
Carmen J Pineyro
Karl Andre Valere
New York 7th Senate District
Brad Schwartz
Adam Muhammad Azam
County Committee
Sean Scott
Marc Safman
Marc Safman
August 6th, 2024 - Primary
Missouri's 8th congressional district
Randi McCallian
Franklin Delano Roth, II
Jason T. Smith
James David Snider, III
August 13th, 2024 - Primary
Minnesota's 1st congressional district
Brad Finstad
Minnesota's 2nd congressional district
Angela Dawn "Angie" Craig
Tayler Rahm
Joe Teirab
Minnesota's 3rd congressional district
Dean Phillips
Ron Harris
Kelly Louise Morrison
Minnesota's 4th congressional district
Betty McCollum
Mike Casey
Blaize Harty
Minnesota's 5th congressional district
Sarah Gad
Ilhan Omar
Timothy L. "Tim" Peterson
Don Samuels
Shuaa Meki Tongrit-Green
Dalia Al-Aqidi
Minnesota's 6th congressional district
Austin D. Winkelman
Thomas Earl "Tom" Emmer
Minnesota's 7th congressional district
Stephen "Steve" Boyd
Michelle Fischbach
Annette Watson
James Tomahawk
Minnesota's 8th congressional district
Jen Schultz
Peter Allen "Pete" Stauber
Minnesota U.S. Senate
Steve Carlson
Amy J. Klobuchar
John Berman
Joyce Lacey
Patrick D. Munro
Royce White
November 5th, 2024 - Arizona 2024 General
Arizona 8th Congressional District
Jacob Chansley
November 5th, 2024 - General Election
North Carolina State Assembly
Adrien Meadows
North Carolina 2nd congressional district
Michael Dublin
North Carolina Governor
Wayne Turner
November 5th, 2024 - New York 2024 General
1st District Congress
Ryan Michael Kalata
3rd District Congress
Jacob O. Soto
Matthew J. "Matt" Nappo
President of the United States
Claudia De la Cruz
Vice-President of the United States
Karina Garcia
June 26th, 2025 - 2025 New York State Primary
Public Advocate
Theo Bruce Chino Tavarez
Democratic Party County Committee Member
Theo Chino
Democratic Party District Leader 71B
Earnestine Bell Temple
Democratic Party District Leader 76A
Benjamin Akselrod

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